Afro Celt Sound System

I received a call from Real World, they told me that i got chosen to do the next Afro Celt Sound System song. I had to impress them with something crazy. I proposed to travel in the Real World and cross 32 + countries… looking for Love..  It took them 6 month to say yes, the dead line became nuts, so i had to give away a continent per friends, who brilliantly went on their journey to find love


and bring back their part of the film…  thanks to Chritophe Graillot – David Blin – Vincent Francoise and Seb Dupouey. Thanks to the band for their trust. A year latter they sent me a 22 minutes track so i could use much more of my footage in another edit,, soon i will post it; enjoy

Music video

Artist: Afrocelt sound system
Production: Real world / Ricecooker
DOP: Vincent Francoise / David Blin / Seb Dupouey / Christophe Graillot / JF Julian