Deep (movie trailer)

Deep is my first feature series. 10 episodes of 10 minutes. its to launch spring 2017 in 17 countries around the world. A family drama written by hugues Martin, created and produced by Jean Charles Felli for Save Ferris. Jean Charles Called my twice in 20 years,

once to do SKI OAKENFULL FITHS my first music video, and this time for DEEP, my first feature film… I loved this project, I learned so much and had lots of pleasure shooting it. DOP : Jacques Ballard – Editor : Stephanie Gaurier. Cast : Catherina Murino – Ornella Mutti – Henry Davis – Pierre Frolla – Byron Gibson – Pauline Lefevre – Gilles Duarte – Oliver Raynal … Enjoy the trailer for the moment

Digital Serie (10 episodes)

Producers: Jean Charles Felli – Christophe Tomas
Client: Canal +
Production: Save Ferris
DOP: Jacques Ballard
Editor: Stephanie Gaurier