Canal + Test 01 (homage to Mr Clouzot)

This project by Gedeon Communication (Paris) is part of a series of tv ident about cinema. We wanted to give a vibrant homage to french director Clouzot and his amazing work “l’enfer”. Christophe Graillot the DOP, took several weeks figuring and

re-inventing the light effect from L’ENFER. The actress is my dear friend Lucie Charbonneaux. We shot in a Parisian café. I have been asked many time to show the rig, I won’t, this team work is not just mine, i guess you understand. There is two test. enjoy

Ident Cinecinema

Homage to Mr clouzot
Agency: Gedeon communication
Production: Gedeon communication
DOP: Christophe Graillot
Actress: Lucie Charbonneaux